Out of the Desert

“The novel succeeds on Ashton’s ability to create characters who are dynamic and capable of change, and through her capacity to create a rapid-fire series of episodes that draw the reader into this saga-like novel.”
–NY Journal of Books

Can you go home again? And what would you find if you went back to the place you grew up?

Out Of the Desert is a coming-of-age story about four kids who grow up on the Mohave Desert in Southern California. Toad, Jimmy Cricket, Pollywog, and Phyl meet at children in the early 1960s, grow up and leave home. They never leave the desert behind, though. Nearly forty years later, Toad, now grown into Todd, returns to see if you can truly come home again. Will he meet the adult Pollywog and Phyl? How will he resolve what happened to his brother, Jimmy Cricket?

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