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Mad Max hopes her vacation with her grandson in New Mexico will be educational and relaxing. When her grandson breaks his leg on the first day, he is airlifted to a state-of-the-art Indian Health Services hospital for emergency treatment. Two days into his recovery, he falls ill from an unknown illness. Several children from the outlying community contract similar diseases. After some die, Mad Max thinks someone is deliberately infecting them with an unknown illness. Or illnesses, since symptoms do not point to a single diagnosis.

Unsafe Haven exploits every parent's or grandparent's biggest fear: how do I protect my family? Mad Max puts together clues with a large cast of characters to identify and stop the perpetrator before he can kill her grandson.

Early Reader Comments

Unsafe Haven reverberates with the fear and anxiety that besets any parent with a sick child.  The suspense created by an ever escalating medical mystery rivets you to every page.  Mad Max, once again proves that she is, indeed, a force of nature.  Unsafe Haven grabs you right away and never lets you go. -- Diane Fanning, crime writer

Mad Max is back! Reading her third adventure was like having a good, long visit with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Unsafe Haven has everything to entertain you and make you think: compelling characters, a mysterious infection ravaging an indigenous population, and Ashton's usual, pointed social activism commentary. You can't miss this one. -- P.A. Duncan, author of A War of Deception

Ashton's Mad Max tales continue to delight - with great writing, well-developed characters and vivid description.-- Judith Lucci, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Publisher: Koehler Books

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