Candles of Hope

March 23, 2016

Candles of Hope is a collection of cancer poetry, edited by Wendy Lawrance, and a beautiful foreword by acclaimed English actress, Alison Steadman, OBE.

The word 'cancer'; still strikes fear into the hearts of anyone hearing a diagnosis, whether it be for themselves or a loved one. Coping with the disease and its consequences comes in various forms and, in this instance, that is poetry.

Within this book, are the words of those who have lost someone to cancer, those who have survived cancer and those who continue to live with it.

Their courage and perseverance are an example to us all, whether they express anger, sadness, grief, worry, loss or even humour. Within their words, we can all find the Candles of Hope.

The net profits from the sale of this book go to the charity, Topic of Cancer, which raises awareness and funds for research into cancer immunotherapy.

Contributors: Betsy Ashton; Rebecca Astbury; Paula Baldocchi; Mickey Brown; Lee Christine Brownlee; Joanne Corey; Joanna Gale; Claudia Gold; Connye Griffin; Rae Jones; Joyce Kopp; Nigel Lewis Baker MBE; Natalie O'Toole; Timothy L. Rodriguez; Darren Scanlon; Michael Wolfe; Kaimana Wolff.


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