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December 12, 2016

After people complained about me exercising my Constitutional rights to freedom of speech when I posted the open letter to the president-elect, I decided to write the most benign post I could think of. Kitties are safe, unless I rile the dog people. And if I do, get a grip. So from my kitty:

My name is Mocha and my humans treat me really well. We live in a nice house in the woods, so I have lots of mousies and chipmunks to hunt and bring back as gifts. I usually don’t eat them, even though we all know kitties are apex predators in every environment they inhabit. I prefer to think these fuzzy gifts are brought home to show my love. I get plenty of laps to nap on, although not always when I want to nap. Odd, sometimes my humans actually aren’t sitting down waiting for me to jump up. I’m still training them.

I love Christmas, because I can play hide and seek under the tree. No sooner had my human mother put finished decorating the tree than I had, just had, to nap under it. I spend a lot of time there every day, although my space is shrinking. What are those boxes doing in my space? Again, my humans need to understand my needs come first. One thing I don’t like about Christmas is getting exiled to camp. They call it camp; I call it jail. I do like the people who fuss over me at the vet’s office when I board, but I’m not all that fond of the doctor. I’m sure he’s a very nice man, except when he has needles in his hand. Those I do.not.like.

I have a good life. I guard my outside property from other kitties, although the puppies in the neighborhood are kind of friendly. I have a new doggy neighbor. His name is Moose and he is huge. Not by kitty standards, but by doggy standards. Sometimes, though, doggies see my wagging tail as an invitation to play, not as a warning that I don’t want to be chased. More than one has learned that I am a weaponized kitty, which doesn’t mind laying open a nose if necessary.

Okay, I wrestled the keyboard away from the kitty by tempting her with treats. She’s off chasing the laser dot.

If you are stressed out this year, and who isn’t, invite a kitty onto your lap. Pat a puppy, Hug a horse. Our animal friends can put us at ease in no time.

And that’s my non-political post. Over and out.

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