Welcoming Get Organized Week

Did you know that the first week in October is Get Organized Week? It is. Because I hate to miss a special week, I prepared my workspace to reflect my desire to participate.

So, this morning I cleaned off my desk. Aren’t you proud of me? My desk top is nearly empty ex20151002_103246cept for a coffee cup (full of a wonder dark roast, of course) and the┬ádocument I’m editing. That’s all I need. Oh, and a pen.

I cleaned off the my worktable. It’s usually stacked with papers and next steps for specific projects. That is, papers are stacked by project. I know where everything is. My worktable now has only my thesau20151002_103312rus, my year-at-a-glance calendar and my lamp.

So where the heck did all the desk detritus go? Where do you think?

I’ve worked at home, both when I was in corporate America and now that I am a full-time writer, for over a decade. I know how to organize my space. I know I don’t need everything printed out. I know if I keep my space uncluttered, my mind will be able to focus and my stress level will be reduced.

So, I ask again20151002_103328: where did all the normal desk detritus go? Why, on the floor, of course. Doesn’t everyone have an “in-floor?”

I hope you all have better luck with your participation in Get Organized Week than I did. Have no fear: I know where every scrap of paper is and what’s on it. Maybe my brain needs to be organized and decluttered. Any suggestions???


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2 Responses to Welcoming Get Organized Week

  1. Betsy, I love your desk, your work table, your rug, and your in-floor. Due to just a teensy-weeny neurosis, unfortunately every week was Get Organized Week at my house–until this pesky and life-changing grandson appeared out of the blue. Now I am learning how to be a happy slob. It’s a delight. You are my hero!!!

    • My grands live in New York, and my husband and I are in Virginia, so we don’t have toys and noise underfoot. Only a kitty who does demand attention on her terms. Like just before dinner…

      I wish I never got to the point where I remembered which stack a particular paper was in. Might make it easier to keep the desk better organized. Never despair, Dean. You too can master the in-floor.

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