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May 3, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot lately about using social media to create brand awareness. As writers, we are the brand. And so are our books.

Blogs and web sites are good starting points, but you cannot stop there. Yes, you have to have a web site when you have a book. Yes, you have to have a blog when you are getting ready to have a book. Once you have the book, you need to look at different ways of getting the message out.

  • Facebook: It’s no longer enough for you to have a presence on Facebook; your book also needs its own fan page. Amazing how many there are out there.
  • YouTube: Book trailers are growing in popularity — and in inanity. (But that’s another posting, perhaps). Book trailers need to be everywhere: a link on your blog, another link on your web site, a Facebook link, etc. They need to go viral to be effective.
  • Twitter: Not the Twitter of “I got so drunk last night I puked. Oh, here’s a photo of me and the toilet.” The Twitter of sharing waaaay too much information is also a brand management tool. Attract a group of followers by being a follower. Post a tweet about something you are doing — like speaking or book signing. Ask your followers to re-tweet. Doesn’t take long for tweets to go viral too.

    Ah, I hear the cries of “This is way too much work.” It is a lot of work, but if you want to be successful as a writer, you need to consider every possible angle. More and more of the big publishing houses are limiting the amount of marketing they will do for a new writer. Maybe 6 weeks of hype, then you are on your own.

    Might as well practice now while there is still time.

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