Animal Communication

On Saturday, I went to a public session on animal communicating led by Karen Wrigley. She worked with a golden retriever that stole the crowd’s heart. She talked to several people directly, passing along messages from the pets, living and past over. I found her session uplifting.

Karen has a new book coming out in a few weeks. Called Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, it’s full of stories from animals to their humans. Even if you are a sceptic about communicating with animals, I encourage you to get the book. I read the manuscript and found it both entertaining and encouraging. As we say, buy the book, buy the book, buy the book.


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  1. Thank you Betsy. Loved having you in the audience. For believers and non- believers,the Goldien Retriever, Franklin, and I will be at VitaZen's open house in Hardy VA. Appearances at 3:00 and 5:00. My book should be available.

    (Bets..if you need to change words, etc. do.)

  2. I've read and enjoyed the manuscript, too, in its early days and later. Plus, many of my pets—horses, dogs, and cats—have spoken with Karen.

  3. Karen's session is on Feb. 13 with book signings after the session with Franklin, the golden retriever.

  4. Beyond Woofs and Whinnies is a book everyone should read. It has already made a difference in my life. Like Betsy said, buy it!

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