Contest Winner!

Congratulations to three Lake Writers who won prizes at the 25th Annual Wytheville Writing Contest. It was the first time that three members of the same writers group won prizes.

Bruce Rae (left) won second place for his essay Dare We Bail Out Bad Businesses?, a political essay wondering why corporate CEOs who led their companies into bankruptcy and government bailout keep their jobs. Becky Mushko (second from the left) won second place in the short story contest for her work Rat Killing, a story about an elderly woman, dying of pancreatic cancer, who crashes her truck into a local ne’er-do-well. And yes, that’s me (at far right). I took third place in the essay contest for The Gift, a personal essay about life’s lessons and growing up in a household with three women. Dr. Rhonda Catron-Wood, between Becky and me, is the chairman of the program.

Congratulations to all of us — even me.


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2 Responses to Contest Winner!

  1. Clementine

    Yea! A clean sweep! I'm proud to know ya.

  2. And it was fun being there!

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